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By William Hickey, MaryVan Doren, Laura Logan

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The sector of Public Economics has been altering speedily lately, and the 16 chapters contained during this guide survey a number of the new advancements. As a box, Public Economics is outlined by way of its goals instead of its thoughts and masses of what's new is the applying of contemporary tools of monetary thought and econometrics to difficulties which have been addressed through economists for over 2 hundred years.

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European telecommunications companies are poised to dominate the Internet and reap the world's first global profits, too. Backed by their governments, the telcos have launched major Net spinoffs. The purchase of Lycos by Spain's Terra—spun, for example, from Telefonica—has created the first international Net company. — The Industry Standard Inspect the unexpected Buying a house is exciting and time consuming. So even though it may seem like one more bothersome detail, get a prepurchase inspection done.

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