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Inches: pulgadas. markedly: notablemente. mayor: alcalde. mellow: maduro, suave. overcoat: abrigo, el abrigo. polls: centro. projecting: sobresaliente, saliente, saledizo, proyectar. prominent: prominente. quitted: dejado. ranged: recorrido. sandstone: piedra arenisca, arenisca, gres. satisfactorily: satisfactoriamente. separated: separado. shoemaker: zapatero. tails: colas. vestibule: vestíbulo. worthies: digno. yard: patio, corral, yarda, grave. Thomas Hardy 45 A four-centred Tudor arch was over the entrance, and over the arch the signboard, now visible in the rays of an opposite lamp.

Utilized: aprovechado, explotado. % In an open space before the church walked a woman with her gown-sleeves rolled up so high that the edge of her underlinen was visible, and her skirt tucked up through her pocket hole. She carried a load under her arm from which she was pulling pieces of bread, and handing them to some other women who walked with her, which pieces they nibbled critically. The sight reminded Mrs. Henchard-Newson and her daughter that they had an appetite; and they inquired of the woman for the nearest baker's.

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