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Arbdbi mdl, Officers of the treasury ;—arbdbi ma'ali, Grandees, eminent men;—arbdbi ma'na, Spiritual persons;—arbabi makrumat, Most clement lords ;—arbdbi nashat, Dancers and singerB, musicians ;—arbdbi himmai, Highminded, liberal (persons), men of spirit, of lofty aspirations, ) a arbdban (P. pi. of the preceding), Lords, grandees. A arbd' (pi. of rab(), Houses, mansions;—(pi. n. of <*>;), Entering upon the vernal season; turning cattle out to spring pasture ; dwelling in a spring habitation; being four in number; suffering from e quartan fever; breeding the teeth called raba Hyat; begetting children in old age.

A akhass, More or most base, avaricious. a. 4 of y^-), Diminishing ; causing or suffering loss; damage, loss. n. 4 of Y ^ ) , Making or discovering one to be vile and contemptible. gkhasta. The lower lintel, threshold. dkhsuma, dkhsama, akhsuma, akhsamah), A liquor made from barley, rice, or millet. ( j — a k h si, Name of a town in Transoxania. tifl—akhsisak, akhsikat, Other forms of the preceding name. y*^ althsh, Name of a certain Persian Mubid;—dkhash, akhsh, Price, worth, value; —dkhash dadan, To give a price.

Drazish, Bounty, charity, alms. ardstak, A swallow. ^Sjl*^ drdstagl, Ornament, embellishment, decoration ; order, arrangement. drastan, To adorn, decorate, embellish ; to set in order. ardsta, Adorned, decorated, embellished ; arranged ; an idol temple. A irdz, A carpet of coarse wool or hair. A ^TY ardzt (pi. of arz), Lands, estates. A araziydt, pi. of and = the preceding. n. 4 of jy or vJij)> Spilling, shedding, pouring forth. •Sty ardqu (from G. o^ckmcos), A species of wild pulse. arak, An island.

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