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By Peter A. Chew

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This dissertation offers a coherent, synchronic, broad-coverage, generative phonology of Russian. I try the grammar empirically in a few how one can ensure its goodness of healthy to Russian. In taking this method, I target to prevent making untested (or even incoherent) generalizations in accordance with just a handful of examples. more often than not, the exams exhibit that there are exceptions to the idea, yet not less than we all know what the exceptions are, a baseline is determined opposed to which destiny theories may be measured, and as a rule the share of remarkable instances is diminished to under 5%. The central theoretical results of the paintings are as follows. First, I exhibit that every one of the phonological or morphophonological methods reviewed will be defined via a grammar not more strong than context-free. Secondly, i take advantage of probabilistic constraints within the syllable constitution grammar to provide an explanation for why constraints on word-marginal onsets and codas are weaker than on word-internal onsets and codas. I argue that the beneficial properties [+/- preliminary] and [+/- final], and extraprosodicity, are pointless for this function.

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Itô correctly states that this principle can be encoded in a number of ways: for example, the implementation of this principle in a rule-based approach was shown in (5) above. The rule as stated in the template-approach, on the other hand, is as follows: ‘the sequence CV must belong to a single syllable’ (op. , p. 165). C1C2V parsings occur in natural languages. -%! bra (Kahn 1976: 138): both examples contain a sequence consisting of a voiced stop followed by a liquid, but the English example syllabifies this sequence as an onset and the Icelandic one syllabifies it as a coda followed by an onset.

D<#<&! #<9

He suggests the latter6. The SSG would certainly be of more phonological interest if it turned out that Clements was right, and a major challenge for a computational phonology of Russian is to find out whether the SSG can be implemented as a ‘firm’ principle. It has been my experience, however, that explaining away all the ‘exceptions’ is extremely hard. One approach may be to acknowledge, as Clements (1990: 290) does, that ‘a hard core of irreducible exceptions will [always] remain’, but this clearly weakens the force of the SSG.

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