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He was almost certainly the first to prove that light travels in straight lines, and that we see things when light reflects off an object and enters the eye. Ibn al-Haitham’s ‘Book of Optics’ had a profound impact on the work of Bacon (13thcentury) and Davinci (15thcentury). (Book Reference: Vision and Cameras,) Ibn al-Haitham on Iraqi currency Ibn al-Haitham who is well known by the name (Hazen) in western books was a 10th century scientist who revolutionized optics. Born in Basra, Iraq, he spent his adult life in Cairo, Egypt.

Two Important Facts The first point is that although every language has a vast wealth of vocabulary, we don't need to learn it all to be able to communicate. Just, 20% of the words in a language make up to 80% of the conversations we face in our daily life. You may not be speaking like a native immediately, but you'll have a solid base and the ability to keep improving and developing yourself. This method is suitable for everyone from frequent travelers to first timers, as well as language students and enthusiasts.

Com/pages/Lets-Talk-Arabic UNIT TEN Going for Shopping UNIT TEN Going for Shopping Contents - A dialogue: Going for Shopping - Vocabulary - Culture notes - Colors - Grammar usage - Exercises Colors There are two types of color adjectives in Arabic. The first type consists of adjectives derived from nouns, which have the same form as the adjectives of nationalities. The second type of color words in a certain form for singular feminine and masculine as well. com/pages/Lets-Talk-Arabic UNIT ELEVEN Looking for an Apartment UNIT ELEVEN Looking for an Apartment Contents - Looking for an Apartment - Vocabulary - Culture notes - Grammar usage Asking about (How much & How many) - Exercises Looking for an Apartment Al-baHth Aan shaq-qa A Dialogue: Vocabulary: Culture notes The new society of Arabs still holds close to traditional values and morals.

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