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18. Thus, for a number of generations, the Judean Jews 14 MISNAIC HEBREW remained Hebrews in their language, using the classical dialect— B H — f o r literary purposes, and the popular dialect—MH—as a medium of speech in their ordinary daily life, in the school, in the Temple and the Synagogue. -speaking Jews from the Eastern Diaspora, and also from Galilee, Transjordania, and Syria, established Aram, as a native tongue in Jerusalem. T h e native Jews then became bi-lingual, using both Aram, and M H indiscriminately in ordinary life, but M H exclusively in the school, and for religiotis purposes.

Sect. 392. Cf. also Dn^pna'^ rtOMBB^ njit the worst of harlots, ihe greatest saint, j . K^t. i. 8. j . SAB. viii. 3 ; ADDENDA Sect. 402. xli p D K ' . Cf. in a medieval text: aiHT p o U ' i of a gold dinar, Mann, The Jews in Egypt and Palestine, ii. 188. The editor's correction is unnecessary. Sect. 431. Cf. Frankel, ^ O ^ K n ^ n Sect. 435. Cf. Be. 3 b ; Z^b. 7 2 a , where a distinction is drawn between r\Sy&h «13tD, 10 a. m and \sr^^ i>3 'Or. iii. 6, the first being definite and the second indefinite.

He said (he heard) them in the Aram, tongue, t. So. xiii. 4-6, as if the use of Aram, by Samuel the Little (died c. ) and Simeon the Just called for a special explanation. * Cf. Cowley, Aranu Papyri, p . 119. PP- 44, 54. , 18 MISNAIC (Y^b. iv. 13. HEBREW In Qid. iv. , with, however, several Aramaized Hebrew terms: >S^D^5, njl, &c. This Mishna is attributed to the Babylonian Hillel, Y®b. 37 a). So also a special condition in the Judean KHuha is cited in M H , as contrasted with the Jerusalem and Galilean KHubot, which followed the established legal formula, and are cited in Aram.

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