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By T Muraoka

ISBN-10: 9042923563

ISBN-13: 9789042923560

Half I of this two-way index for the Septuagint exhibits which Hebrew/Aramaic notice or phrases corresponds or correspond to a given Greek observe within the Septuagint and the way time and again such an equation applies. this knowledge used to be supplied to a definite volume within the author's previous variants of the Greek-English Lexicon of the Septuagint (Leuven: Peeters, 1993, 2002). In its most recent version overlaying now the total Septuagint, A Greek-English Lexicon of the Septuagint (Leuven: Peeters, 2009), this knowledge has been absolutely deleted, and is gifted the following in its entirety. half II permits students to determine at a look what Greek phrases have been utilized by the Septuagint translators to translate the Hebrew and Aramaic phrases taking place within the outdated testomony. this is often a completely revised model of the author's Hebrew/Aramaic Index to the Septuagint Keyed to the Hatch-Redpath Concordance (Grand Rapids, Michigan: Baker Books, 1998), now out of print. This changed a Hebrew Index published as an appendix to the Hatch-Redpath Concordance, which purely gave web page references of the Concordance for every Hebrew/Aramaic observe. which will locate real Greek phrases used to translate a given Hebrew/Aramaic notice one needed to look through the concordance itself. this isn't an insignificant reprint of the 1998 Index. either components of this Index are in response to an in depth, severe evaluate of the information as provided within the Hatch-Redpath concordance. additionally, it contains information absolutely ignored of account via Hatch-Redpath corresponding to the apocryphal booklet of 1Esdras and comprises lifeless Sea biblical manuscripts, not just manuscripts of the canonical books, but in addition an apocryphal publication similar to the Aramaic fragments of Tobit. in addition, the Index, simply because the author's Lexicon, took under consideration information present in the choice models of books resembling Daniel, Esther and Tobit, and the so-called Antiochene or Proto-Lucianic model of the books corresponding to Judges, Samuel, Kings, and Chronicles. The Index may be a priceless device for not just Septuagint experts, but additionally students drawn to Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic philology, the textual feedback of the outdated testomony, and New testomony students. this is often a vital significant other quantity for clients of Hatch-Redpath's Concordance and the author's Septuagint Lexicon.

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8ianauco 1) nns q a l f l ] ; 2) na© h i . f l ] , SiajiEiXsto 1) nnt h i . f l ] . SiajiEprtra 1) nV© a. p i . f l ] , *ft. 24]. Sianspdra 1) naa qal[2]. 29 5iaxiBT|ui SiattExdwuui 2) nos qal[2]; 3) ©ns a. qal[16], ft. [2]; 4) SiacrtEipro 1) m t a. q a l f l ] , ft. [7]; 2) m i a. 3], ft. [2]; 5) nss h i . f l ] ; 6) pis a. qal[4], ft. [14: + no© p i . [ l ] . Del. l. 2 1) na a. n i . [ l ] ; 2) m i q a l [ l ] ; 3) 7 3 3 a. qal[3], ft. 6 ], c. [15]; 7) ntS h i . f l ] ; 4) 3SS n i . f l ] ; 5) nn© n i .

AavXoq 1) S3p qalfl]. OCUVETO? 1) 7'pp [ 1 ] ; 2) 731 [ 1 ] ; *5) 3*7 13X aviyd^to 1) n n n a [ 6 ] ; 2) nnp [1]. 5]. duuvBscia aijyatrpa 1) nnrra [2]. aiiyEco 1) 77n qalfl]. Del. 3, 4 ) . 1) 7SB [3]. auyq 1) nnii [1]. dv8£X£to 1) T13 q a l f l ] ; 2) 7Sa qal[6]. auGdSsia 1) pX2* [ 1 ] . dwuvBETOi; 1) a. 113 qal[2], b. lisa [2]. ai)8d5T]<; 1) T p ; [ 1 ] ; 2) TS a. fl], b. fl]. dCTcpdXsia 1) a. n03 q a l f l ] , b. 51]. Del. 5). f|<; 1) 1£*X p u . [ l ] ; 2) ]p [ 1 ] ; 3) do-tpaVFj xiOsvat TTS ai)8tnpi 1) A r .

Fl]; 5) ©ns n i . f l ] ; 6) n p q a l f l ] ; 7) nna q a l f l ] . Del. 1C q a l f l ] ; 17) nsn qalfl]. Del. 4b. l. jia 1) nVp [70]. 17]. SiExqpi? 1) D-ns© [1]. 31 SIWBECO oiEuXapEouui 8iqy£Ouai 1) nr q a l [ l ] ; 2) nnp q a l [ l ] . 9]. Del. 11. 1) nas q a l [ l ] ; 2) nan a. q a l [ l ] , fe. p i . fl]; 3) nas qal[3+]. q a l [ l ] ; 4) nna q a l [ l ] ; 5) "ISO b. 12 ] , c. SioSo?

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