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Exercise 8 go~ng to spend next week and aDO NgOfi Giao. OJ mua "'ch. An cdm vd'i ~. di xem xi-n! di S1Ii Gon dQc s4ch 11 nhl bQc: titng Viet Nam. ",iss 12 Compll... u di"y? Dt. khOng dmn, chao Ong, tOi di ... oon ang di ClAu? , tOi dtn ... eli mua "'ch. Ong mua s4ch gl v$y? Dt. tOi mua s4ch v~ ... net log 1~---------------------------------- Thank you. Please come at seven o'clock in tM evening. My address (house number) is 14 Hoi ba Trung strut. Thank you very much. ,. Ong John, ehU nhf,t Illy Ong bl c6 chtCfc rAi khOng1 JOHN: £>t.

It is two o'clock now. ,'clse 1 Notice that nAo is used with the classifier whereas gl is not. , etc. r,eise2 Are you free this Sunday? r61 kh6ng? Chia Rh,. nly 6ftg as bOn &1 kMng? Are you busy (doing something) this Sunday? You would usually answer the question by saying: 0.. t6i dll(f'e r4i. One dinh chi bio e1 viY? Yes, I am free. What would you like to ask (tell) me? run into a group of mends who are shopping. Ask them what they to buy and write their reply. Anh mu6n mua e1? rclse 3 at Mr Dinh's shopping list and ask him how many of each item he to buy.

Ong vA cO dinh lJ d6 baa IAu? Khoing chttng mOt ttiln. rhi chling tOi mu6n dj Nba Trang. a ChUng tOi sa Nha Trang khaing hai ogly. n chi Qua? CHI QuA: Hai mudi dO la. u ti~n mOt ngAy? CHI QuA: Re 14m. Hai dO lao ONoHoAN: Anh Hoan sa din cie vi di xem xe hc1i. ANDREW: Vilng. th! thl ,6, 11m. ANNA: TrOng Cut QuA: Ch

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