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By B. Chandrasekaran; K. Annadurai; E.Somasundaram

ISBN-10: 812242743X

ISBN-13: 9788122427431

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Naturally, efforts, should continue to keep the population in check to take full advantage of increase in agricultural production. 6 AN INTRODUCTION TO AGRONOMY The word agronomy has been derived from the two Greek words, agros and nomos having the meaning of field and to manage, respectively. Literally, agronomy means the “art of managing field”. Technically, it means the “science and economics of crop production by management of farm land”. Definition : Agronomy is the art and underlying science in production and improvement of field crops with the efficient use of soil fertility, water, labourer and other factors related to crop production.

4 per cent, respectively in food grains production. These states are the backbone of our public distribution system. These states have AN INTRODUCTION TO AGRICULTURE AND AGRONOMY 17 insulated the country from a food grains crisis. 0 million tones; the Government had succeeded in accumulating over 30 million tones of buffer stock of food grains during the 1980s. Actually, it was the huge reserves of food grains which helped the Government to tide over successfully the three years of poor food grains production, culminating in the widespread drought of 1987–88.

C. B. Leakey in Tanzania, E. Africa. He was 4 feet tall and used crude tools (bones, limbs from trees, chunks of stone). Homo habilis is morphologically too primitive to be an ancestor of homo erectus. , (i) Java man remains were discovered dating ca. C. on the island of Java in 1891. ) to cook food and kept warm; evidence of the first true hand-axe was also found. (iii) Homo ergaster is morphologically closer to Homo sapiens than H. erectus. (iv) Homo sapiens - The modern man was 5′4″ tall with a receding chin and heavy eyebrow ridges.

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