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By Marian Green

ISBN-10: 1855381125

ISBN-13: 9781855381124

I beloved this publication although it must never were my writing type b/c I looked as if it would positioned it down much more than the 2 different newbie books i bought. this doesn't suggest I remove any credits from it as i feel it may well simply be a kind of books i must come again to because the time used to be simply no longer correct but, no less than for the various routines.

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Now is the time of oracles, to see what will happen in the year to come. It is a time to bid farewell to those who have died, and welcome the new babies, and even the spirits of children scarcely conceived, or as yet unborn. All the Family come in and share the feasting, of the best and fattest of the beasts, the whitest bread, the sweetest honey and the lushest fruits at this short season of plenty, before the cruel winter's dearth. Here the Goddess is both pregnant and the Old One, the Wise Hag, in this dark time when the Veil between the Worlds is thinnest, and knowledge and spiritual powers of magic can pass back and forth.

So it is with magic. The circle cast by the ceremonial magician or swept by the old wise woman's broom on her earthy floor represents a kind of spaceship, a time traveller's craft whose occupants may be transported to other times or other places. Its use is ancient, its power is unfailing. It can be protective, calming, healing, invigorating. It may be as small as the span of your arms or stretch, like the great Earth Zodiacs, across many miles of countryside. It may be created by your will to bring you inner peace for a few moments of meditation, or built of mighty stones and earthen banks over hundreds of years, enduring for thousands, as at Avebury, Callanish or Stonehenge.

There was no priest to intercede between the people and their deities, for even in the pre-Christian Celtic era when the Druids held sway, they seemed to have acted more as guides or masters of ceremonies than controllers of the ritual. Everyone in the community probably made a small offering, asked a boon, or offered prayers of thanksgiving, as appropriate to the season. If there was speech, it was from the heart and Goddess-given inspiration rather than set-piece sermons or regulated supplications.

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