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Postmodernists assume that any justification works with some system of justification. 4 And within each system, game or narrative, certain things should be said and believed; but these things will vary from system to system. According to postmodernism, there is no “grand narrative” or God’s-eye perspective ACTING FOR A REASON 25 from which to challenge the results of any system; there is nothing objectively wrong with astrology, it is just that I choose not to practise it; the democratic thing to do is to play around with lots of different systems, not allowing oneself to settle too long lest it gives one a false sense of authority for that game over the others.

On the contrary, desires are supposed to be what you have whenever you are motivated to do anything. The thing that you have the strongest desire for – that you most want to achieve – is not the thing that you have the most powerful feelings about. If you were following an ascetic or self-denying way of life, it might be rational for you to deny yourself the things you had the most powerful feelings about. If wanting something most were the same as having the most powerful feelings about it, then, as an ascetic, your wanting most to eat a bun would be your reason for not eating the bun.

A human creature who is not fully rational is no less an agent, and no less a person. The Aristotelian–Kantian approach is often accused of being rationalistic or essentialist, of failing to recognize the plurality of possibilities in being a human being. It is also often accused of being 28 ACTION chauvinistic: of identifying human nature with a logical masculine ideal and denying the feminine emotional side of people as an aspect of agency at all. In the process it is argued that this approach is really designed to deny women proper status as human agents.

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