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By Harold Marchant, Jean P. Nursten, Helen M. Smith

ISBN-10: 0080189148

ISBN-13: 9780080189147

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Yet in their final year at school and first year at work they were not only having to manage a transition which creates some stress for every girl and boy, they were also faced by sexual uncertainties, the pressure from older men to engage in illicit if not illegal sexual relationships, finding and keeping employment; pressure to take drugs of various kinds - alcohol, marijuana, amphetamines; and, above all, coping with fractured relationships within the family home. Some girls were faced with multi-problems of a dimension that, faced singly, would daunt an adult.

With so many meeting-places to cover, and the need to build up information on over a hundred adolescent girls, it reduced the chance of making deep relationships, but on occasion the opportunity presented itself. There follows an account: I had been visiting the cafe' for some eight months when I first saw the girl. During the next few months I saw the girl about a dozen times. On each occasion the pattern was similar; always on the fringe of the group, always looking as though she longed to be part of the group; always quiet and undemanding; always rejected.

Her dominance creates difficulties.... Freda very friendly towards worker. Seems to see me as a mate. She slapped me so heartily I lost my balance and stumbled back into the group by the pin machine causing 'a lost ball' to the annoyance of the group. I was under pressure to take sides against Freda, and am not sure about reaction to incident and my attempt to protect Freda. However, I am sure the slap indicated a progression in our relationship.... Freda very much one of the lads, sprawling over table talking to boys mostly about motor-bikes.

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