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By T. M. Flynn, B. W. Birmingham (auth.), K. D. Timmerhaus (eds.)

ISBN-10: 1475705514

ISBN-13: 9781475705515

Invited Papers.- Cryogenics and nationwide Goals.- A overview of the possibility of Liquid-Methane gasoline for Supersonic Transports.- Slush and Subcooled Propellants for Lunar and Interplanetary Missions.- Thermodynamic Properties.- Equilibrium Gas-Phase Compositions of Ethane and Ethylene in Binary combinations with Helium and Neon under 150°K and a Correlation for Deviations from the Geometric suggest Combining Rule.- The Kinetics of Adsorption of Methane and Nitrogen from Hydrogen Gas.- Benedict-Webb-Rubin Equation of kingdom for Methane at Cryogenic Conditions.- a brand new Calorimeter for the exact selection of the Enthalpy of Pressurized Fluids all the way down to 160°R.- homes of Materials.- Simultaneous dimension of Young’s Modulus and Shear Modulus at Low Temperatures.- Tensile homes and Notch durability of Groove Welds in Wrought and solid Aluminum Alloys at Cryogenic Temperatures.- Low-Temperature Mechanical homes of Welded and Brazed Copper.- Superconductivity.- A excessive box Magnet Combining Superconductors with Water-Cooled Conductors.- huge Superconducting Baseball Magnet.- checking out Composite Superconductor for the LRL Baseball Magnet.- temporary reaction and balance Limits of Superconducting Composite cord Following a Flux Jump.- Flux-Flow experiences and balance standards of Nb-Ti Strips.- The Transition to Current-Sharing in Composite Conductors.- balance of Internally Cooled Superconductors.- results of Nucleate Cooling Limits at the functionality of Small Ti-Nb Solenoids.- warmth Transfer.- Non-Boiling and picture Boiling warmth move to a Saturated tub of Liquid Helium.- Boiling warmth move and strain Drop of Liquid Helium-I lower than pressured circulate in a Helically Coiled Tube.- Nucleate Boiling warmth move from an Oscillating Sphere in Liquid Nitrogen.- A Miniature warmth Exchanger for Simultaneous Para-Orthohydrogen Conversion and warmth Transfer.- observe on warmth Exchanger layout for Cryogenic Propellant Tanks.- A Compact Perforated-Plate warmth Exchanger.- Insulation.- Analytical versions for Airborne-Cryogenic-Insulation Thermal Performance.- overview of an Externally Insulated Spacecraft Dewar.- Experimental choice of Thermal lodging Coefficients.- Thermal Diffusivity of Powder Insulation.- Predictions of the complete Emissivity of Metals at Cryogenic Temperatures.- Radiative features of Cryodeposits for Room Temperature Black physique Radiation.- Fluid Dynamics.- Thermal Stratification in Closed Cryogenic Containers.- Approximate Criterion for Prediction of move Oscillations in Supercritical Fluid warmth Exchangers.- The interplay of regulate Valves with Oscillations Generated in a wide Water to Hydrogen warmth Exchanger.- Cavitation in Liquid Cryogens.- An research of the consequences of Spatial, Thermal, and speed Inhomogeneities on Two-Phase, unmarried part Cryogenic Choked Flow.- Two-Phase (Liquid-Vapor), Mass-Limiting move with Hydrogen and Nitrogen.- Instrumentation.- Cryogenic move examine Facility of the nationwide Bureau of Standards.- Prelaunch Slush Hydrogen Loading components Affecting Instrumentation and Control.- Use of Capacitance point Gauging for Prelaunch Loading of Slush Hydrogen.- growth on Cryogenic Thermocouples.- Fluid section and Temperature dimension with a unmarried Sensor.- lighting fixtures in Cryogenic and Noncryogenic Fluids.- Refrigeration Systems.- An research of the Stirling-Cycle Refrigerator.- Steady-State Operation of the Idealized Vuilleumier Refrigerator.- Compact Cryogenic Thermal Regenerator Performance.- unfastened Displacer Refrigeration.- Dynamical results of the Rhombic force for Miniature Cooling Engines.- improvement of a pragmatic Thermodynamic Cycle for a Space-Borne Hydrogen Reliquefier.- A 3.6°K Reciprocating Refrigerator.- improvement of Novel fuel Bearing Supported Cryogenic growth Turbines.- Miniature Cryogenic fridge Turboalternators.- keep watch over process for Temperatures and Liquid point among 4.2° and 1°K.- Closed-Cycle fridges for Hydrogen Targets.- Cryogenic Systems.- Solidified Oxygen for inhaling Space.- Slush Hydrogen Pumping features utilizing a Centrifugal-Type Pump.- attempt result of a Zero-Gravity Cryogenic section Separator.- Hydrogen Peroxide Motor Exhaust Heating to elements at Cryogenic Temperatures within the Vacuum of Space.- research of Propagation disasters of versatile Linear formed fees at Cryogenic Temperatures.- The habit of commonplace Liquid Hydrogen objective platforms less than Simulated Failure Modes.

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The BWR eoeffieients used are given in Table IU. Sinee the pressures are low, the virial equation was truneated after the interaetion seeond virial eoeffieient. Values of P2 and Z2 used with the virial equation ealculations were taken from MeCarty and Stewart [22]. Again, enhaneement faetors predieted in the usual way with the BWR and virial equations are higher than experimental ones. Including an appropriate eorreetion for the geometrie mean eombining rule with the vi rial equation provides an exeellent fit of the data.

H. Stellricht, I f5 EC Product Research and Development, 3 :316 (December, 1964). 28. N. E. Stanley, "Engineering Study of Slush Hydrogen Generation, Transporting, Storage, and Transfer Techniques," McDonnell Aircraft Co. Progress Rept. 002 (December, 1965). 29. N_ E. Stanley and C_ W. C. (July, 1967). 30. C. Woodand H. G. Paul, in: First Intern. CryogenicEngineering Conference, Heywood Temple, London (April, 1967), p. 13. 31. L. J. Poth, "Study of Cryogenic Propellant Stratification Reduction Techniques," General Dynamics/Fort Worth, FZA-419-1 (September, 1967).

The BWR coefficients used are listed in Table III. Values of B 12 were calculated with Kihara parameters and combining rules from Prausnitz and Myers [17] without taking into account quantum corrections. Values of C122 were Equilibrium Gas-Phase Compositions of Ethane and Ethylene in Binary Mixtures 35 5 4 He - C2 H. 13CfK f-- +-- 3 ......... °- +- .... kI2"O 'l -Vv ~V l.... ~~~1- Fig. 2. Comparison of experimental helium-ethane enhancement factors with predicted values at 130°K. o 20 40 I __I8".

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