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With raw material ash content in the pulper as high as 15%, strong washing steps are required in the deinking plant (Seifert, 1992; Siewert, 1988) and/or by using the natural washing action of the tissue paper machine (Guss, 1995). Bacteria and fungi have been assessed in samples of tissue for toilet and kitchen use. Microbe counts were the same in recycled and virgin tissue. , 1995). The odour of the product, new or after storage, does not appear to be a problem when secondary fibres are used.

Stora Enso’s Sachsen mill at Eilenberg, Germany, has produced 70,000tpy flash-dried market DIP from old magazines and newspapers since 1994 (Pfitzner, 2003). A modern two-loop deinking plant recycles the recovered paper using equipment from Voith, Andritz-Ahlstrom and Kadant Lamort. Recovered paper is pulped in a drum pulper then the pulp is screened and passed to high-consistency cleaners. Preflotation is followed by cleaning to remove heavyweight contaminants. The second recycling loop incorporates post-flotation as well as three primary and two common secondary flotation stages.

Vancouver, Canada OFXTQBQFST NBHB[JOFT -PPQ*BMLBMJOF 1VMQFS )%DMFBOFS 4DSFFO IPMFT 'MPUBUJPO $MFBOFS MJHIUT $MFBOFS GPSXBSE 5IJDLFOFS "MLBMJOFDMBSJGJFS -PPQ**BDJE 4DSFFO TMPUT "DJE $MFBOFS MJHIUT 8BTIFS°UIJDLFOFS "DJEDMBSJGJFS %JTQFSTJPO -PPQ***BDJE 8BTIJOH #MFBDIJOH *OLZTMVEHF 8FUMBQ %FJOLFENBSLFUQVMQ Source: Reproduced from McCool (1993) with permission from Tappi Press Page 33 © Copyright Pira International Ltd 2006 Advances in Recycling and Deinking Steps in recycled fibre processing Europeans tend to consider the end use and are more tolerant of a lower brightness and a higher dirt count, whereas the Japanese are more sensitive to random dirt specks in their character-based writing and North America demands that deinked pulp must offer the same quality as virgin pulp.

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