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By Katja Hetterle

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This examine investigates adverbial clauses from a cross-linguistic point of view. based on different fresh typological learn within the context of complicated sentences and clause-linkage, it proceeds from an in depth, multivariate research of the morphosyntactic features of the phenomenon lower than scrutiny.

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In the context of the study of adverbial clauses, it is not only functional and cognitive aspects, but also factors related to language processing and language change that play roles. In the literature, these explanations have traditionally been classified as motivations because such explanations indeed describe causes for developments that lead to synchronic forms. , Greenberg 1963, Haiman 1983, 1985, Kirby 1997, Hawkins 1988, 1994, 2004, Croft 1990, 2003, Diessel 2001), I assume that it is rarely the case that a single motivation is alone responsible for a particular formal patterning.

Put very generally, iconicity refers to the pressure to shape language in such a way that it conforms to the structure of the conceptual situation, while economy refers to the pressure to express more commonly used concepts in shorter forms (cf. , Haiman 1980, Croft 2003, Hawkins 2004). The principle of iconicity is therefore about the non-arbitrary correspondence between linguistic form and meaning. Various types can be distinguished (cf. Haspelmath 2008b). “Iconicity of distance” (Haiman 1983, 1985), for instance, refers to the correspondence between the formal distance of linguistic expressions and the conceptual distance between their meanings (see also Croft 1990: 174−83, Cristofaro 2003: 8−9).

65:Network-internal semantic overlap (four temporal versus four logical relations) List of figures Fig. 1:Semantic map of indefinite pronouns (Haspelmath 1997: 4) Fig. 2:The sample Fig. 3:Distribution of derivational morphemes in function of clausal linker Fig. 4:Position and form of clausal linker (initial and final linkers) Fig. 5:Position of linker and order of V and O Fig. 6:Position of the clausal linker and clause order patterns Fig. 7:Clause order and order of V and O Fig. 8:Position of adverbial clauses Fig.

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