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By Ruth Cohen

ISBN-10: 1895837081

ISBN-13: 9781895837087

Severe essays at the fresh Tory govt in Ontario; A Globe and Mail bestseller.

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Mr. Clement is now Minister of Health and Long-term Care. Alister Campbell: A young insurance executive whose bearded and bespectacled visage personifies his role as the academic brain trust of the group. Leslie Noble: A tough and intelligent woman who elbowed her way into the Tory boys' club to become one of its top strategists. In typical revolutionary style, the four took over the party's youth wing in the 1980s and used it to gain control of the party itself. Fans of Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan, they programmed the homespun Mike Harris with their Ivy League free market ideas, then ran the successful 1995 election campaign.

What matters is that we are as passionate about our vision as they are about theirs. I went to the conference despising the people who run things. I came away fearing them. They are so sure they are right! They want it all. And they want it now. And if we don't make change happen, they will get it all. Ann Emmett is a retired secondary school teacher. For two years, she was Principal and Acting Area Administrator in the Department of Northern Affairs, Igloolik, NWT. She served as Toronto co-chair of the Council of Canadians and has fought vigorously against the Megacity and the Harris agenda.

Nietzsche's effect on late-twentieth century right-wing conservatism can be seen in the following quotations. Nietzsche claims that man is finished when he becomes altruistic. ) An "altruistic" morality—a morality in which self interest wilts away—remains a bad sign under all circumstances. This is true of individuals. It is particularly true of nations. The best is lacking when self interest begins to be lacking. And about the sick, Nietzsche argues that "the sick man is a parasite of society.

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