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A,-b x Kinked crack geometry. More complex, however, is the question of the asymptotic behaviour at the kink, and the modification of side conditions (13). First, the nature of the stress state in the neighbourhood of the kink may be investigated by recourse to the classical paper of Williams [12] , in which he examines the stress state near the apex of a wedge. Suppose that a wedge of included angle ~ is loaded by some arbitary far-field. 4. It may be seen that the value of A is less than unity, and therefore the state of stress is singular, only if ~ exceeds 1BOo, and that the minimum value of A (when ~ Roots of this ~ 360°) is 1/2.

Part of the light The reflected light is half reflected by BS2, passes through the lens L7, and falls onto the holographic plate HP. This is the object beam object beam in holography. Behind the holographic plate, the makes the real image RI of the crack magnified three times. 29 " . , . I---COD '00 E :::L. llf 't ,. ,'" ". JUJ,w,uO000 r (tJ m) Crack tip ( b) ( a) Figure 3. (a) An instantaneous microscopic photograph of a rapidly propagating crack. (b) Crack opening displacement of the crack in (a).

Aoki, S. Sakano and I. Yoshiyama, who are (and was) students in our university and worked together through the study. REFERENCES 1. , The moving Griffith crack, Phil. , 1951, 42, 739-750. 2. :.. , three-dimensional theory 1975, 42, 663-674. of cracked plates, Trans. 3. , State of stress at the vertex of a quarter-infinite crack in a half-space, Int. :.. Solids Structures, 1977, 13, 479-492. 4. Ba~ant, Int. Int. P. :.. :.. Solids Structures, 1980, 16, 479-481. 5. Yang, W. , Transverse shear effects for in an elastic plate, Int.

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