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By Donna Cunningham

ISBN-10: 0916360571

ISBN-13: 9780916360573

Discarding the fatalism and barriers of conventional event-oriented astrology, this ebook is characterised via its sleek, leading edge, and common sense method. In transparent, unpretentious language, Ms. Cunningham explores the deeper meanings of the planets, homes, points, and transits, emphasizing self-understanding, own progress, and the significance of accepting accountability for oneself. She supplies the reader particular instruments to paintings with in employing astrology to one's personal existence. This e-book furthers the improvement of a good, useful language with which old astrological symbols will be understood in smooth phrases.

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In fact, I’m not sure I would ever complete a large writing project if it weren’t for this natural rhythm of retrograde and direct motion, for I always have many more ideas and inspirations than I can use while Mercury is direct. I schedule editing and revisions for the retrograde phase, because looking back over the material, I see places where my communication is unclear. I also seem to have more patience to check my data for accuracy, to catch errors and typos, do needed research to back up my conclusions, and do the really tedious pieces like footnotes, a bibliography, and a table of contents.

We are given reams of anecdotes and horror stories to back up this taboo. And yet, vast numbers of people buy cars, begin jobs, get married, and buy homes while Mercury is retrograde6 without experiencing any difficulty whatsoever. The world simply cannot come to a screeching halt for the three or four periods a year that Mercury is retrograde for three weeks at a stretch. Imagine the impact on the economy if it did! Why, then, do so many followers of astrology find these periods troublesome? By well-known metaphysical principles, the power of belief can cause followers of astrology to manifest more Mercury retrograde difficulties than in the general population.

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