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By Herbert M. Shelton

ISBN-10: 0787307815

ISBN-13: 9780787307813

Publication by way of Shelton, Herbert M.

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Is this for our growth, or is Guruji a bad manager? Are these just incidental details far below the level of cosmic interest, or is this some kind of test? If someone is good at something, it will be the last thing they are asked to do, or if they are put in charge, it is only to be overruled by someone who doesn't have any experience in that area. New levels of mismanagement are achieved, feelings are hurt, egos and friendships get squelched and still amazing things are accomplished. On Sri Sri's special style of managing, Vicky comments: “Part of the problem appears to be that Sri Sri specializes in games like putting someone in a position of responsibility without giving them the authority to do anything except fend off complaints, saying, "Look this is the way it has been decided by the committee, and nothing I can do".

The ego wants to be special and this may cause someone to get stuck for a long time. Whenever someone is ordinary, simple, innocent and natural; that is enlightenment. Enlightenment is your very nature. It is in you already, as seed form. When you drop all the tensions and hang-ups and become natural, then it is right in your hand. We simply need to let go of the old patterns that are in the mind, just drop them. Then you see that something in you flowers and dawns. It is so beautiful. In my teachings there is a lot of focus on the breath because our breath plays a very important role.

At the end of that week, Gurudev said I could stay on at the Ashram! He said, "This is your home - be here, be happy. " This was when the growth really started happening in me. He would put me through so many different situations. I might fail here and there, but slowly I became stronger and more aware”. A gemmologist by profession, Sangeeta Jani was designing fashion jewellery in Mumbai after studying in the United States. Looking for life beyond the humdrum of existence, Jani attended the Art of Living course upon invitation of her friend.

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