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By Robert Godel

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The writer is very attracted to comparative and historic learn on Armenian as an Indo-European language. This "Introduction" includes elements. the 1st one describes the phonological and morphological method of Classical Armenian with the aim of atmosphere off its attribute positive factors, no longer of living on such info as are available in any solid grammar booklet. the second one half is comparative and ancient. in addition to the simplest ascertained proof, it contains disscussions on arguable concerns, in addition to a few new insights in histroical morphology.

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The -i ending of the GDL. (lezu-i) would have amalgamated with the final vowel; hence, presumably, its substitution by -oy. But neither aygwoy could do for the L. (Meillet, 1913, § 46), nor would a similar form in the L. and the NAcc. fit in with the normal -a- paradigm. 181 Note (mi). 14. ECTION includes -r, -l and -n stems. The sg. NAcc. ezr 'border', dustr 'daughter', hamr 'dumb' astl 'star', kocl 'log' ao kolmm 'side', jukn 'fish', jiwn 'snow', befn 'burden' -Cn tun 'house', anun 'name' 21 -un -ik,.

Goy 'he is, there is' gon impf. goyr 'he was, there was' • goyin Infinitive gol 'to be, to exist' As to guo' e (< *goyc' e), originally a pres. subj. 3rd sg. 29, it has gone through the same semantic development as its English equivalent 'maybe'. These defective paradigms are supplemented by the verb linim 'I become, happen to be', aor. 255 c). 23. REGULAR INFLECTION. 221), the personal endings in the present group and the aorist group are different. The stem form, however, is not relevant, so that the same paradigms will do for simple and extended stems as well ~ pag-an-em is inflected like » hec-an-im < • gr-ec -1 » mor-ac'-ay » In each group, are derivable.

N1 fL [hoviv] 'shepherd'; (nqw1 [hogvov], I. of (nq fi 'spirit'. n1nL/i [hovvi], GDL. L; unLf[' [naver] 'present'; uinLhwl [tavyal] 'given'. 42. N. and Acc-L. N. n1/i~ [hoviv(a)k'] Acc-L. N. pfi [hovivk'-an], etc. N. p [ca:i:ayk'] Acc-L. C>wnw1u [ ca:i:ays] -11 : C>wnw111 [ ca:i:ay-d] + Likewise awp11n1 [mardo], GDAbl. 43. 5), transcribed according to the traditional pronunciation i 1: Yev H isus li hogvov sarbov darjav i Hordanane yev varer hogvov-an h-anapat (2) avuras k'a:i:asun p'orjyal i Satanaye, yev voe' yeker yev voe' arb h-avurs-an h-aynosik, yev i katarel-an noc'a k'ayc'yav.

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