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By Primicerio M., et al. (eds.)

ISBN-10: 9812563687

ISBN-13: 9789812563682

Business arithmetic is evolving into an incredible department of arithmetic. Mathematicians, in Italy specifically, have gotten more and more conscious of this new development and are engaged in bridging the distance among hugely really expert mathematical study and the rising call for for innovation from undefined. during this admire, the contributions during this quantity offer either R&D staff in with a common view of present abilities, and teachers with cutting-edge functions of arithmetic to real-world difficulties, that could even be integrated in complex classes.

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Ivan Raylyan, a great enthusiast of the Golden Section, for his Acknowledgements xli financial assistance, which provided me with all of the best technology, infor mational tools, and pecuniary means to produce a camera ready manuscript. During my Canadian period of my scientific life I published a number of important articles in the field of the Harmony Mathematics together with Boris Rozin. I would like to express to him great gratitude for scientific col laboration. “ Lastly, this book would never have been written without self denying sup port of my wife Antonina, who always creates perfect conditions for my sci entific work in any countries I have been; and who has been sailing with me for more than 47 years on my “Golden” journey.

11. Fibonacci Numbers and the Golden Section in 19th Century Science After Kepler’s death, interest in the golden section, considered one of the two “treasures of geometry,” decreased; whereby, such strange oblivion continued for two centuries. Active interest in the golden section revived in mathemat ics in the 19th century. ” French mathematicians Lucas and Binet became the leaders of this type of research in 19th century. ). Binet had deduced the famous Binet formulas, which connect the Fi bonacci and Lucas numbers with the golden mean.

Thanks to the support of Yury Mitropolski, I was able to publish many scientific articles in various Ukrainian academic journals. My arrival in Canada in 2004 set the arena for the next stages of develop ment in my scientific researches. Thanks to support from the famous physicist Professor Mohammed El Nashie, the editor in chief of the international mag azine Chaos, Solitons and Fractals, I was able to publish many articles in this remarkable interdisciplinary journal. ” These articles attracted at tention of the international scientific community to my latest scientific re sults; also, these articles paved the way for making new professional contacts with world renowned Western scientists.

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