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KEYWORDS Free electron laser; electron accelerators; overview; design study; conducting linac; isotope separation; atomic energy; JAERI super- INTRODUCTION The advantage of a free-electron laser(FEL) over conventional lasers can eventually be pointed out at: 1) tunability, 2) high efficiency and then 3) high-power. The first FEL's characteristics, tunability, can lead to the following usefulness and then applications. For the basic researches, particularly, 1) materials(solid-state physics), 2 ) bio-medical and 3) bio-physical, the coherent and wavelength-variable light sources are expected to be ultimately desirable, whose wavelengths cover both mid- or far-infrared (MIR or FIR) and extreme or vacuum ultraviolet (XUV or VUV), because they are not yet versatilely available from conventional lasers today.

STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM AND BASIC EQUATIONS Let the coordinate axes χ and y chosen such that they are in the middle plane of the soft ferromagnetic elastic plate of thickness 2h containing a through crack of length 2a and the z-axis is perpendicular to this plane as illustrated in Fig. 1. The cracked plate is permeated by a static uniform magnetic field of magnetic induction B 0 normal to the plate surfaces and is deformed by bending moments away from the crack region. It is assumed that the normals of the xy-plane before bending remain as normals of the same plane after bending while the middle or xy-plane is unstrained during loading.

Engng. , 11, 415-436. , ΫΛ. (1979). Electromagnetic Interactions in Elastic Solids. Springer, Wien. , (1983). The Mechanics of electromagnetic elastic solids in a magnetic field. Trans. JSME, 49, 1467-1474. , (1986). Impact response of a cracked ferromagnetic strip in a uniform magnetic field. Theoret. Appl. , 34, 137-151. , Ed. (1986). Cracks in residual stress field or magnetic field. , Editor-in-Chief), Vol. 2, pp. 1217-1246, Pergamon Press, Oxford. Yamamoto, Y. , Eds. (1987). The Electromagnetomechanical Interactions in Deformable Solids and Structures.

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