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By Stephen Baxter

ISBN-10: 0575080590

ISBN-13: 9780575080591

It is the 12 months 2030. The oceans have risen swiftly, and shortly the full planet can be submerged. however the discovery of one other life-sustaining planet gentle years away supplies those that stay alive desire. just a couple of might be in a position to make the journey-Holle Groundwater is without doubt one of the applicants. If she makes the reduce, she is going to reside. If now not, she is going to be left to stand a watery death...

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Kenzie leaned back and locked his fleshy fingers behind his head. "We"re stuck, aren't we? We agree we need a new Earth. But there are no new Earths in the solar system. " Liu Zheng said patiently, "We have exhausted Category One. " Jerzy Glemp grinned. " Kenzie pushed his chair back. "Christ, before we get to that I need a cigarette. I know, I know. But I quit quitting after I lost my first thousand acres of sea front property to the flood. " As they broke, Kenzie went out to smoke and the others milled around the refreshed coffee pot.

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