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Within the final many years of the 19th century, the Armenians' tendency towards Europeanization antagonized Turkish officers and inspired their view that Armenians have been a overseas, subversive point within the sultan's realm. by means of 1890 the swift development of the Kurdish inhabitants in Anatolia, mixed with the immigration of Muslims from the Balkans and the Caucasus, had made the Armenian inhabitants of Anatolia an more and more endangered minority. In 1895 Ottoman suspicion of the westernized Armenian inhabitants ended in the bloodbath of 300,000 Armenians via designated order of the Ottoman executive.

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C. Armenian Empire reaches greatest size and influence under Tigran the Great. C. Romans complete conquest of Caucasus Mountains region, including Georgian kingdom of Kartli-Iberia. C. Romans conquer Armenian Empire. D. 100-300 Romans annex Azerbaijan and name it Albania. ca. 310 Tiridates III accepts Christianity for the Armenian people. 330 King Marian III of Kartli-Iberia accepts Christianity for the Georgian people. FIFTH-SEVENTH CENTURIES First golden age of Armenian culture. ca. 600 Four centuries of Arab control of Azerbaijan begin, introducing Islam in seventh century.

Khrushchev purges Azerbaijani Communist Party. 1969 Heydar Aliyev named head of Azerbaijani Communist Party. ca. 1970 Zviad Gamsakhurdia begins organizing dissident Georgian nationalists. 1972 Eduard Shevardnadze named first secretary of Georgian Communist Party. 1974 Moscow installs regime of Karen Demirchian in Armenia to end party corruption; regime later removed for corruption. 1978 Mass demonstrations prevent Moscow from making Russian an official language of Georgia. 1982 Aliyev of Azerbaijan named full member of Politburo of Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

Principal import suppliers Russia, Turkmenistan, Belarus, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan. Nearly all energy and much food must be imported. Balance of Payments: Estimated in 1992 as US$137 million deficit. Exchange Rate: Dram introduced November 1993, to become exclusive national currency early 1994. May 1994 rate about 390 drams per US$1. Second national unit, luma (100 to the dram), introduced February 1994. Inflation: Dram devalued as Russian ruble devalued, early 1994, against United States dollar.

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