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By Jerry Hopkins

ISBN-10: 1462900712

ISBN-13: 9781462900718

"Tiger penis soup? Rhino horn at the oyster part shell? provide me a break!" So says bestselling writer Jerry Hopkins as he meets the folk, visits the locations, and "road tests" dozens of Asia's most well-liked aphrodisiacs within the first definitive survey of the region's most sensible and worst "turn-on's."

Expanding the standard definition to incorporate creams in addition to potions, intercourse toys and aromatherapy, track and therapeutic massage, unique Asian trust platforms, pornography and various surgeries, he travels from his domestic in Bangkok to Tokyo, Jakarta, Hong Kong and Kathmandu looking for the region's most enjoyable pick-me-ups. alongside the best way, he discovers that Asia was once first within the improvement and prescription of aphrodisiacs, first in pornography and intercourse toys, and primary in breast and penis enhancement surgery.

In this exhaustively researched and sometimes hilarious research of a subject matter that has held the area enthralled for hundreds of thousands of years, the writer discovers that Asia has been-and nonetheless is-in the lead by way of the promise of sexual enhancement. And to his shock, he additionally reveals a number of issues that paintings.

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