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Evidence that glial cells may be involved in the metabolism of transmitters in invertebrates comes from studies on several species. In H. pomatia (Mollusca), tritiated glutamate injected into the cerebral ganglia is taken up in great quan­ tities, predominantly by glia, very little being found in neurons (Reinecke, 1976). This indicates that glia play a role in the metabolism of the putative transmitter glutamate, but the type of glial cell involved has not been determined. Similar preferential uptake of glutamate by glia occurs in the crustacean Carcinus maenas (Evans, 1974).

6, 141-163. Duncan, D. (1965). Light and electron microscopic study of neuroglia in the normal spinal cord of the rat. Anat. Rec. 151, 345. 3 PHYLOGENETIC DEVELOPMENT OF ASTROCYTES 29 Edwards, J. S. (1980). Neuronal guidance and pathfinding in the developing sensory nervous system in insects. In "Insect Biology in the Future: VBW 80" (M. Locke and D. S. ), pp. 667-683. Academic Press, London. Eng, L. , Vanderhaeghen, J. , and Gerstl, B. (1971). An acidic protein isolated from fibrous astrocytes.

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