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By Biman Basu

ISBN-10: 8123753888

ISBN-13: 9788123753881

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After a moment’s comfortable silence I replied: “Maybe we also need to experience things this way so that we have stories to remind us later. Anyway we still need to look at all levels. You know I just read a story in a magazine about a yoga teacher’s journey with breast cancer. It took all of her focus to go through the surgery to remove her breast, and attend to the healing process afterwards, that she had no energy or interest to even look at the deeper causative factors. I hate to think that it will return, as it tends to do unless we 49 HARMONIOUS HEALING and THE IMMORTALS WAY with Jasmuheen address these things, as her story was so sad and unsettling.

We also need to realign and heal the etheric schism that is providing the space for the disease to be anchored into. Again only the body can know all of this, for our DOW stores all Its knowing and life experience memory in our body’s cells. For example, for the last few years I have suffered from an intense pain in my right knee which I knew from kinesiology was anchored in the emotional plane and chiropractic 51 HARMONIOUS HEALING and THE IMMORTALS WAY with Jasmuheen testing showed no physical problem.

And how do we later discern what is right for us? For some people it may be the immediacy of surgery which allows the body the help it needs, to get rid of the virulence of the cancerous growth. Provided that they then take the time to address the cause of its creation and take future preventative measures, surgery can be the perfect option for some people. When I first manifested the tumor on my liver over a decade ago, I had time on my side, for I knew that I could cut out part of the liver if every alternative treatment failed, and that the liver could even regrow itself, because that is what livers can do.

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