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Court cases of the tenth Portuguese assembly: Centra, Lisbon, Portugal, 27-28 July 2000

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Fuchsian Reduction, Applications to Geometry, Cosmology and Mathematical Physics

Fuchsian aid is a technique for representing strategies of nonlinear PDEs close to singularities. The method has a number of purposes together with soliton conception, Einstein's equations and cosmology, stellar types, laser cave in, conformal geometry and combustion. built within the Nineteen Nineties for semilinear wave equations, Fuchsian aid learn has grown in accordance with these difficulties in natural and utilized arithmetic the place numerical computations fail.

Relativity; proceedings

This e-book describes Carmeli s cosmological basic and specific relativity concept, besides Einstein s normal and particular relativity. those theories are mentioned within the context of Moshe Carmeli s unique examine, during which pace is brought as an extra autonomous size. 4- and five-dimensional areas are thought of, and the five-dimensional braneworld idea is gifted.

Theoretische Konzepte der Physik: Eine alternative Betrachtung

"Dies ist kein Lehrbuch der theoretischen Physik, auch kein Kompendium der Physikgeschichte . .. , vielmehr eine recht anspruchsvolle Sammlung historischer Miniaturen zur Vergangenheit der theoretischen Physik - ihrer "Sternstunden", wenn guy so will. Frei vom Zwang, etwas Erschöpfendes vorlegen zu müssen, gelingt dem Autor etwas Seltenes: einen "lebendigen" Zugang zum Ideengebäude der modernen Physik freizulegen, .

Symmetries in Fundamental Physics

Over the process the final century it has develop into transparent that either simple particle physics and relativity theories are in line with the inspiration of symmetries. those symmetries develop into occur in that the "laws of nature" are invariant below spacetime variations and/or gauge variations. the results of those symmetries have been analyzed as early as in 1918 via Emmy Noether at the point of motion functionals.

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1996) before and after stretch correction. 26 mag. We see that stretch corrected lightcurves have a much smaller dispersion. 2. The intrinsic high luminosity, lightcurve behavior and spectral homogeneity observed at different redshifts suggested that calibrated Type la supernovae can be used as standard candles and extragalactic distance indicators. We can test cosmological models and cosmological parameters in the case intrinsic dispersion of the luminosity for SNe la is at least of the same order of the cosmological effects.

To appear: Cruz, M. , et al. 2000, Nearby Supernovae, in: Proceedings of the Euro Conference "SURF 2000- Similarities and Universality in Relativistic Flows" (Mykonos, Greece, October 1-5, 2000) to be edited by Logos Verlag, Berlin. html) Goobar, A. & Perlmutter, S. , et al. , et al. , et al. 1996, BVRI light curves from 29 Type la Supernovae, AJ, 112, 2408 Hardin D. et al. 2000, Supernovae 2000bt, 2000bu, 2000bv, 2000bw, 2000bx, 2000by, 2000bz, IAUC 7406, Apr 20, 2000, IAU Circular No. , Tammann, G.

P. P. Martins and G. Rocha, Phys. Lett. B483, 210 (2000). 6. P. P. Avelino, C. J. A. P. Martins, G. Rocha and P. Viana, 'Looking for a Varying a in the Cosmic Microwave Background', Preprint DAMTP2000-88, submitted to Phys. Rev. D (2000). 31 7. B. A. Bassett, S. Liberati, C. Molina-Paris and M. Visser, astroph/0001441 (2000). 8. P. P. Avelino, R. R. Caldwell and C. J. A. P. Martins, Phys. Rev. D59, 123509, (1999); C. Contaldi, M. Hindmarsh and J. Magueijo, Phys. Rev. Lett. 82, 2034 (1999); R. A.

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