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By Wolfgang Kundt

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For a quantitative realizing of the physics of the universe from the sunlight method during the milky option to clusters of galaxies the entire technique to cosmology - those edited lecture notes are possibly one of the such a lot concise and likewise one of the most crucial ones: Astrophysics has now not but stood the redundancy try of laboratory physics, accordingly will be conscious of early interpretations. specific chaptes are dedicated to magnetic and radiation tactics, disks, black-hole candidacy, bipolar flows, cosmic rays, gamma-ray bursts, snapshot distortions, and detailed assets. even as, planet earth is considered because the enviornment for all times, with crops and animals having advanced to homo sapiens in the course of cosmic time. this article is exclusive in masking the elemental qualitative and quantitative instruments, formulae in addition to numbers, had to for the perfect interpretation of frontline phenomena. the writer compares mainstream interpretations with new or even arguable ones he needs to stress.

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This result is an important and beautiful theorem of absolute geometry (where we do not assume or negate the validity of the 5th postulate). But at the end of his book, published in 1733, Saccheri provides a simple but false proof for the 5th postulate, as a conclusion The Revolution of Jdnos Bolyai 25 of his studies. Imre T6th (2000) is of the opinion that Sacchieri did it for fear of the Inquisition. Johann Heinrich Lambert (1728-1777), a mathematician and philosopher of Swiss origin, spent most of his life in Berlin.

In Gauss' legacy there are about 25 instances where he deals with the foundations of geometry and/or non-Euclidean geometry but his notes on these topics would make up altogether 12 pages. In addition, in his diary written from March 30, 1796, to July 9, 1814, we can find a note that consists of one sentence: 'We have made excellent progress in the foundations of geometry. Braunschweig, Sept. ' Gauss' notes attest that he knew Lambert's book (1786) thoroughly. Today we also know that in 1795, in the first year of his studies in Gottingen and also in 1797 he borrowed it from the library of the university (Dunnington, 1955).

Because of that he had a priority debate with Legendre, another great mathematician of his age. It may be added to what is written above that the last German banknote of 10 DM was devoted to Gauss' memory. On one side of the banknote is the picture of Gauss and beside it are the so-called Gauss curve and the landscape of Gijttingen and, on the other side is the sextant for measuring angles as well as the sketch of the map made by Gauss. 40 NON-EUCLIDEAN GEOMETRIES Although Gauss made his measurements to create maps and not to justify geometries, somehow he may have stated that he did not experience deviation from Euclidean geometry.

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