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By Jean-Marie Hombert, Larry M. Hyman

ISBN-10: 1575862034

ISBN-13: 9781575862033

This assortment brings jointly lots of the world's best Bantuists, in addition to essentially the most promising more youthful students attracted to the historical past, comparability, and outline of Bantu languages. The Bantu languages, numbering as many as 500, were on the middle of state-of-the-art theoretical learn in phonology, morphology, syntax and semantics. along with the problems of class and inner sub-grouping, this quantity treats historic and comparative features of a number of the major typological positive aspects for which this language team is understood: vowel top concord, noun periods, tricky tense-aspect platforms, and so forth. the result's a compilation that offers the main updated realizing of those and different matters that would be of curiosity not just to Bantuists and ancient linguists, but additionally to these drawn to the phonological, morphological and semantic concerns coming up inside of those hugely agglutinative Bantu languages.

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It is the geographical distribution of these innovations more than their linguistic evolution that forms the basis of the classification. A distinction is made between major and minor innovations. At the lower level, smaller, tighter, groups emerge that in general are not controversial (Part 1). Working out the likely historical relationship between them is harder. The picture that emerges does not lend itself well to representation via tree diagrams. Two of the three major innovations (Bantu Spirantization, Dahl's Law) and many of the minor ones have affected only or mainly languages outside the rainforest and are therefore assumed to have occurred outside and after the rainforest period.

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