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By Péter Hraskó

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This short provides a brand new method of introducing relativity concept, during which confusing relativistic results reminiscent of time dilation and Lorentz contraction are defined ahead of the dialogue of Lorentz-transformation. The suggestion of relativistic mass is proven to contradict the spirit of relativity thought and the real value of the mass-energy relation is contrasted with the preferred view of it. the writer discusses the dual paradox from the viewpoint of either siblings. final yet no longer least, the basics of basic relativity are defined, together with the new Gravity Probe B experiment.

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But we have seen that the straight line x0 ¼ 0 is identical to the t0 -axis of M02 (see Fig. 2). The t- and t0 -axes are, therefore, different from each other. The x0 -axis, however, must be the same as the x-axis. This last axis contains the events which in M take place at the moment t ¼ 0: Since time in Newtonian physics is absolute ðt0 ¼ tÞ; x0 -axis consists of these same events (points), and the t0 ¼ constant coordinate lines are all of horizontal direction. As a conseqence, the scales on the t- and t0 -axes are different from each are, since the Fig.

If, for example, t1 = 75 s, V = c/2 and v = 8c then t3 ¼ 64 s\t1 : Let us denote by vk the critical value of v, above which the paradox t3 [ t1 occurs. When v is equal to vk ; t3 is equal to t1. 3) leads to positive velocity u of the response projectile3 shot by C0 ; in the numerical example above u = + 5c/2. Does this mean the projectile flies away from O instead of approaching it? e. with the sign of dx) only if dt [ 0. But when the return projectile travels in I backward in time (dt \ 0) then a positive u is needed to ensure that dx ¼ u Á dt be negative.

The coordinates themselves depend on the position of the origin but the coordinate differences are independent of it. The form containing D-s is, therefore, the more fundamental one. e. the origin of the spacetime coordinate systems attached to the inertial frames) have already been chosen. 1) are, moreover, homogeneous since no constant term independent of the unprimed coordinates is found on their right hand side. This is the direct consequence of the fact that in a standard setting the primed coordinates of the event at x ¼ y ¼ z ¼ t ¼ 0 are equal also to zero: x0 ¼ y0 ¼ z0 ¼ t0 ¼ 0: Considerations concerning homogeneous linearity evidently apply to Lorentztransformations too.

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