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By Ton Van Haaften, Henrike Jansen, Jaap De Jong, Willem De Koetsenruijter

ISBN-10: 9087280998

ISBN-13: 9789087280994

From classical antiquity until eventually the current, humans and teams have taken to public areas, now mostly digital, so that it will relay their message and try to convince others. And for simply as lengthy, the tools of organizing and engaging in such public debate and determination making were hotly contested. This selection of essays by way of individual foreign students offers an outline of the kingdom of interdisciplinary scholarship at the artwork of rhetoric and the various methods and methodologies inside of it. Bending Opinion cites a bunch of appropriate examples, from Barack Obama to Geert Wilders, in addition to compelling case reviews.

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Ober, J. ). The instrumental value of others and institutional change: an Athenian case study. M. Rosen and I. ), Valuing Others in Classical Antiquity. Leiden: Brill. Ober, J. (2008). Democracy and Knowledge: Innovation and Learning in Classical Athens. Princeton: Princeton University Press. Ober, J. (2002). Political Dissent in Democratic Athens. Intellectual Critics of Popular Rule. Princeton: Princeton University Press. Ober, J. and C. ) (1996). Demokratia. A Conversation on Democracies, Ancient and Modern.

According to Stuart Mill, there are three risks when you suppress any opinion: for one thing, it may have been true; second, it may have contained a portion of the truth, which in combination with other available opinions might have led to the discovery of the whole truth; and third, if the suppressed opinion was false, we may have missed a chance of preventing truth from turning into dogma (since there is no need to argue for it any more). In the United States, the tradition of the metaphor of the marketplace of ideas starts in 1919, when in the wake of wwi four anti-war cases were heard by the Supreme Court, all resulting from the Espionage Act of 1917: the Espionage Act was a piece of legislature curtailing speech that could damage the interests of a nation at war.

By the same token, both in ancient education and way beyond, rhetorical exercises have always been used deliberately not only for teaching students the formal skills of oratory, but also for conveying to their minds the general values of ethics, politics or even religion, in order to prepare them for their future roles in society. However, these values may, in any particular case, be either in accordance or at variance with the value system prevailing in the relevant society. In the former case, their effect will be an affirmative one and confirm the dominant ideas and values of that society.

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