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By Louis L'Amour

ISBN-10: 1428506403

ISBN-13: 9781428506404

A brief novel and 3 tales, restored to their unique journal versions.

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Dusty reined in and leaned his forearm on the saddle horn and dug for the makings. After he had rolled a smoke, he passed it on to the cross-eyed rider. ” he asked. ” They shared a match and, looking at each other through the smoke, decided they were men of a kind. ” Dusty made no move. After a few drags on the cigarette, he glanced at the fire end. ” The cowhand puffed for a moment on his cigarette. “Salty an’ mean. Plumb poison with a shootin’ iron, an’, when you ride for him, he pays you what he wants to when you quit.

The venison was a peace offering, and he would take it. He knew now he could come and pan as much gold as he liked in Apache country. A few days later he killed a wolf, skinned it, and then buried the carcass, but from the head he made a cap to fit over the crown of his old felt hat, and, wherever he went, he wore it. A month later, walking into Fremont behind the switching tails of Jennie and Julie, he met Sally at the gate. She was talking with young Sid Barton. “Hi,” Sid said, grinning at him.

Then I remembered a comment Father made once. You see, Mister Lowe left a trunk with us to bring West or send to him later. It wasn’t quite full, so Father opened it to pack some other things in it. He found something there that worried him a great deal, and he told me several times that he was afraid he might have trouble when we got out here. From all he said I had an idea what he found, so after you were gone, we searched through the trunk and found some letters and a handbill offering a five-thousand-dollar reward for Lowe.

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