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There are lots of bioelectromagnetic (BEM) units re-emerging within the twenty first century, in keeping with excessive voltage Tesla coils, that it seems that carry precious healthiness advancements to human organisms. Electromedicine or electromagnetic drugs are the phrases utilized to such advancements within the ELF, RF, IR, obvious or UV band. With brief time period, non-contacting exposures of numerous mins at a time, such excessive voltage Tesla PEMF units may well signify the precise, non-invasive remedy of the longer term, observed by way of a stunning loss of destructive uncomfortable side effects. A biophysical motive for the advantages of BEM therapeutic a large choice of health problems together with melanoma, proposes a correlation among a bioelectromagnetically restores transmembrane capability, and the electron delivery throughout cellphone membranes through electroportation, with common telephone metabolism and immune method enhancement.

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Ed had also studied the work of Georges Lakhovsky. Lakhovsky had worked with hospitals in the application of frequency in the 1920s. Lakhovsky recognized that cells have a natural frequency that keeps them healthy and resistant to viruses and other pathogens. In order to restore this natural frequency, Lakhovsky developed a Multiple Wave Oscillator to produce high frequencies. The frequencies, in turn, produced a broad range of harmonic frequencies. 29 When an object is exposed to its natural frequency it will pick up or resonate with that frequency.

Ch. 5, p. , p. ”126 Therefore, any prescription or nonprescription drugs in the bloodstream will have an amplified effect. In perspective, it may be hypothesized that HVT PEMFs such as the Azure device (Figure 9) and those like it cause a small amount of electroporation and stimulate membrane transport through HF effects noted below, explaining the abundance of healing anecdotal reports. Dr. 127 Dr. ”128 Concerns about endogenous HV safety issues have also been addressed in the literature. R.

Coherent Natural and Stimulated Biophoton Emission In 1922, the Russian doctor and histologist Alexander (Gurwitsch) Gurvich (1874-1954) and his wife discovered that living cells separated by quartz glass were still able to communicate vital-cell information. 59 Dr. Gurvich coined the phrase “mitogenic” or “mitotic” wave since it was observed during enzymatic reactions and mitosis. ”60 His work is the first Figure 2 Cancerous HTC & H35 biophotons vs. normal liver cells (Hepatoczytes) documented evidence of “biophotons,” coherent light emitted by animal and plant cells, and became the basis for the design of later bioelectromagnetic therapy devices.

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