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By Atlas, Ronald M.; Philp, Jim (Eds.)

ISBN-10: 1613442890

ISBN-13: 9781613442890

Meant for either teachers and practitioners, this ebook offers details at the felony, medical, and engineering ideas at the back of bioremediation for cleansing up infected soil and groundwater assets. It features a number of foreign views in detailing for business engineers and researchers the present applied sciences and the examine and improvement pointing to new applied sciences. This new quantity covers foundational fabric, together with the significance of bioremediation, the variety of illness stipulations below which bioremediation applied sciences can be utilized, and the felony and regulatory drivers for utilising bioremediation. The equipment used to evaluate infection websites are distinct, and centred chapters conceal natural, steel, soil, aquatic, and marine bioremediation. Chapters additionally offer in-depth insurance of demanding situations linked to bioremediation, together with risk-based layout standards and venture modeling.
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• desk of Contents
1. Environmental pollutants and recovery: a job for Bioremediation
2. Suspicions to suggestions: Characterizing infected Land
three. criminal and Regulatory Frameworks for Bioremediation
four. Modeling Bioremediation of infected Groundwater
five. Bioremediation of infected Soils and Aquifers
6. tracking Bioremediation
7. Bioremediation of Marine Oil Spills
eight. Bioremediation of Metals and Radionuclides
nine. Preemptive Bioremediation: employing Biotechnology for fresh business items and methods
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