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Carcinogen substance which causes the initiation of tumour formation. Frequently a mutagen. carbon dioxide, CO2 a colourless, odourless gas found in the air. It is absorbed by plants and exhaled by animals. cardia in nematodes: valvular apparatus connecting the oesophagus and intestine. Sometimes called the cardiac valve or oesophago-intestinal valve. Horticulture carding carrying capacity 48 carding the process of untangling and partially straightening fibres by passing them between two closely spaced surfaces, at least one of which is covered with sharp points, that move at different speeds, thus converting a tangled mass of fibres to a filmy web.

Botrytis conidia dimensions 7-14 x 5-9 microns. Reported to be allergenic. It is parasitic on plants and soft fruits. Found in soil and vegetables. Possibly associated with allergic symptoms (skin tests). bottle garden a form of terrarium in which a large and heavy glass container such as a carboy is used. bottom heat an arrangement used in propagation. Usually electric heating cables will run through the base of the propagation medium. Great for seed germination and cuttings. bract a modified leaf, often highly coloured and sometimes mistaken for a petal.

It once was very popular in the late ‘70’s-’80’s. Now making a comeback. clean seed usage: For tall fescue seed, endophyte-free seed is the preferred term. cleistogamous With fertilisation taking place within the unopened flower climax most advanced successional community of plants capable of development under, and in dynamic equilibrium with, the prevailing environment. climbers those gardeners who are willing to hike for distances to see an alpine specimen. clinandrium a cavity, at the apex of a column in orchids, in which the anthers rest.

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