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By Dean Buonomano

ISBN-10: 0393342220

ISBN-13: 9780393342222

The human mind could be the most sensible piece of expertise ever created, yet it’s faraway from ideal. Drawing on colourful examples and excellent learn, neuroscientist Dean Buonomano exposes the blind spots and weaknesses that beset our brains and lead us to make faulty own, specialist, and monetary judgements. no matter if explaining why we're liable to ads or demonstrating how fake thoughts are shaped, Brain Bugs not just explains the brain’s inherent flaws but in addition supplies us the instruments to counteract them.

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The value of these results will be immeasurably enhanced if they point the way toward integrated approaches combining attractive features from each. In particular, fuzzy computation should continue to be integrated in novel and exciting ways with other computational intelligence methodologies such as neural networks and evolutionary computation: a hybridization that has already led to significant results, notably in the area of model acquisition. 2 Fuzzy computation in the context of computational intelligence In recent years fuzzy computation methods have been increasingly applied in conjunction with a number of other analytical techniques, collectively known as computational intelligence.

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