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This is the 7th quantity in a sequence at the common subject matters of supersymmetry, supergravity, black items (including black holes) and the attractor mechanism. the current quantity is predicated on lectures held in March 2013 on the INFN-Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati in the course of the Breaking of supersymmetry and Ultraviolet Divergences in prolonged Supergravity Workshop (BUDS 2013), prepared via Stefano Bellucci, with the participation of prestigious audio system together with P. Aschieri, E. Bergshoeff, M. Cederwall, T. Dennen, P. Di Vecchia, S. Ferrara, R. Kallosh, A. Karlsson, M. Koehn, B. Ovrut, A. Van Proeyen, G. Ruppeiner. particular recognition is dedicated to discussing issues regarding the cancellation of ultraviolet divergences in prolonged supergravity and Born-Infeld-like activities. All talks have been via broad discussions and next remodeling of a number of the contributions a characteristic that is mirrored within the designated "flavor" of this volume.

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It S. 1007/978-3-319-03774-5_3, © Springer International Publishing Switzerland 2014 43 44 E. A. Bergshoeff and F. Riccioni Much information about branes can be obtained by studying the low-energy approximation of string theory and/or M-theory which is a supergravity theory. For instance, the mere fact that eleven-dimensional supergravity contains a 3-form potential is already indicative of the fact that M-theory contains a membrane since 3-forms naturally couple to membranes. The fact that this membrane is actually a supermembrane which breaks half of the supersymmetry follows from the construction of a kappa-symmetric supermembrane action [1].

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