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ISBN-10: 376700903X

ISBN-13: 9783767009035

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The evidence shows that organizing a flow of externally generated information to a firm is not costly, but its absorption is. 25 This cost of absorbing information from outside has a bearing upon the balance of the whole R&D budget of a firm. It is very difficult to justify expenditure upon fundamental research in any but the very largest and most diversified companies, on the basis of its contribution to products that can be exploited by the company within a realistic time scale. There are, 29 however, two alternative justifications for this activity.

It probably consists in taking Kettering's advice "not to bruise too easily". Knowing that there have to be mistakes, the objective of sound research management is to make them as fast and as cheaply as possible. Part of the difficulty of control of the intermediate stages between the idea and the ultimate product, is that breakthroughs have a low probability of occurrence, but when they do occur, they make a large and immediate demand upon resources. Consequently, it is not optimal to choose the best budget before development starts and then to allocate the funds as development proceeds.

The real innovator combines both qualities within himself, so that it is no wonder either that Schumpeter should have claimed that he represents a distinct sociological type, or that good innovators are quite scarce. IMAGINATION The first requirement of an innovator is therefore imagination. It is this which enables him, as he looks towards the new idea, to visualize its possibilities, and then, by keeping both the partially formed idea and its ultimate possible embodiments in his mind through the power of his imagination, he undertakes to control the intermediate steps by which one becomes the other.

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