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By Louis Goossens, Paul Pauwels, Brygida Rudzka-Ostyn, Anne-Marie Simon-Vandenbergen, Johan Vanparys

ISBN-10: 9027250456

ISBN-13: 9789027250452

This quantity includes seven synchronic and diachronic empirical investigations into the expression and conceptualization of linguistic motion in English, targeting figurative extensions. the next concerns are explored:
• resource domain names, and their relation to the complexities of linguistic motion as a goal domain.
• The function of axiological parameter, the experiential grounding of metaphors expressing worth decisions and the half performed through image-schemata, how worth decisions happen and their socio-cultural embedding.
• The graded personality of metaphoricity and its correlation with levels of recoverability/salience.
• The interplay of metonymy and metaphor, e.g. the query what components inspire the conventionalization of metonymies, including the point of view that conventionalized metaphors usually have a metonymic origin.
• The function of image-schemata within the association and improvement of a lexical subfield, which increases new questions about the character of metaphor, the id of resource and objective domain names and the Invariance speculation.

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When I lay it down (in front of him), however, it may take some time before he takes it up - or he may refuse to accept it at all. Indeed, official claims, charges etc. are not dealt with on the spot and may be subject to an acceptance procedure. (46) (47) (48) put a question Let me put to you a practical problem. {LDOCE) The organization put forward eight candidates for the NUS executive. {COBUILD) (49) They rejected every proposal put forward. {COBUILD) (50) I put in a request for an interview {COBUILD) (51) not to put too fine a point (52) put it briefly/simply/mildly ...

Acknowledgement The LDOCE computer-tape was kindly put at our disposal by Prof. Em. Dr. K. Engels. Body Parts in Linguistic Action Underlying Schemata and Value Judgements Paul Pauwels Catholic Flemish Institute of Higher Education Anne-Marie Simon-Vandenbergen University of Ghent 0. Introduction In this paper we will take a closer look at metaphors which originate in the domain of 'body parts' 1 . These are metaphors which either contain explicit names of parts of the body or refer to processes in which body parts are implicit but play a central role.

Sensory perception Metaphors based on sensory perception structure the LA domain in an unexpected way: instead of describing the act of hearing, they are indeed often used to focus on a relevant aspect of the act of speaking. This curious reversal is accounted for in different ways. 40 PAUL PAUWELS & ANNE-MARIE SIMON-VANDENBERGEN The metaphor sniff ('say something in a proud, complaining way' (LDOCE)) is based on the fact that this act of perception is combined with a production of noise. The noise of sniffing, moreover, has a communicative value, since it signals that the agent smells something.

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