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By Jeph Loeb

THE celebrity artistic workforce OF SPIDER-MAN: BLUE, HULK: grey, AND DAREDEVIL: YELLOW convey THEIR MAGIC TO AMERICA'S no 1 HERO

From his re-awakening at this time to his days at the battlefield in the course of global struggle II, keep on with CAPTAIN the US as he remembers a unique venture in the course of the titanic ONE!

It's 1941 and the HOWLING COMMANDOS are only seeking to chill and relax....

But CAP and BUCKY are approximately to make their evening plenty worse!

The EISNER AWARD-WINNING group of JEPH LOEB and TIM SALE reunite to inform a stunning tale of CAPTAIN the USA AND BUCKY!

Extra-sized factor that includes CAPTAIN the USA: WHITE #0

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